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As airlines try to make sure that their planes fly as fuel-efficiently as possible these days, baggage allowances are being squeezed like never before. But for some people, travelling light isn’t an option, even for a relatively short journey lasting a matter of days.

In these cases, you can be thankful to HD IMEXCO for baggage and personal effects. Our This valuable service will arrange for your excess items to be carried on to your destination, leaving you to simply collect them from a pre-arranged point after your arrival.

In the meantime, your baggage and personal effects will be carefully and securely transported and stored, Our carriage overseen by experienced baggage handling staff, so that they are ready for you to collect from your point of arrival whenever it’s convenient for you.

your valuable baggage and personal effects will get expert treatment by Our Staff  whose job is to ensure that cargo gets to its destination safely and securely. Precious possessions deserve the best possible treatment, so if you’re flying in style, why not let us arrange for your baggage and personal effects to do the same too?

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